All Mixamo Tools and Assets free for use for a limited time!

If you are using Mixamo Fuse or Mixamo animations, or have had an interest in doing so, you need to read this! Free use of Fuse and assets from Mixamo for a limited time! I use Mixamo a lot in my tutorials, so I felt this was appropriate to share!


You beat me to it…

I’ve been hammering their servers!! :wink:

Me, too! :smiley:

Whipped up a tutorial on the Mixamo stuff for those who are interested.



It’s a shame they removed the animals though…Some horse/dog/wolf/dragon animations would have been super

I was a bit sad that they aren’t continuing support for those as well, but I can understand their desire to focus as they woud have really needed a separate set of rig support for different variations. Maybe they’ll bring it back int he future if they get enough requests (and probably paid CC subscribers :stuck_out_tongue: )

Wow… Oh yeah servers being hammered right now. :slight_smile:

WARNING: BE SURE TO LINK YOUR EXISTING MIXAMO ACCOUNT TO YOUR ADOBE ID OR YOU’ll LOSE CHARACTERS YOU ALREADY HAVE! https://community.mixamo/hc/en-us/community/posts/206717617-New-Character-Collection-assets-

If you have linked your Adobe ID to your (existing) Mixamo account incorrectly, it appears it can be rectified: https://community.mixamo/hc/en-us/community/posts/206648087-Mixamo-account-linked-by-error-to-a-wrong-Adobe-ID

Interesting times, in any case. Enjoy!

Awesome!! :smiley:


Cheers Y’all

Question related to the output of this program, are the models and animation usable in a commercial project? Also, are any custom graphics brought into Mixamo Fuse still proprietary to my project or do they become public domain?

They are entirely usable in a commercial project, you just can’t resell the content as a stand alone item

Any custom graphics are absolutely yours and still proprietary

Thank you. What you offer is a monumental time saver and is well appreciated.

Thanks Tyler and Mixamo.

It can’t be long until the new Adobe suite is out then haha, i’m gonna use up this as much as possible xD

Some additional info on making your Mixamo characters look their best in Unreal Engine can be found at https://community.mixamo/hc/en-us/articles/204336233-UE4-Mixamo-and-Unreal-Engine-4-Animation-Overview

Ooh nice link cheers!

Great link there @Darkholder!

I wish we knew when the Fuse CC updated character style is going to go in, I’m looking forward to that.

This is great news especially for folks new to this and wanting to learn.

If one has an Adobe ID from the old CS [e.g. CS5] days before CC, can that person use Mixamo [without a CC plan] and create a bunch of rigged and clothed models and use them in the future in commercial works royalty free, like in a game, after this limited free offer ends?

An addendum on how to tweak your Mixamo materials in UE4 so characters look their best!