All Images washed out?

There must be something I’m missing but all my imported Images are faded / washed out. PNG / TGA 8 bit or not.

Could anyone share an image they know works?

Is this what you need?

Is that a Jpeg? My browser wants to download it as a Jpeg.

You should show examples. It’s most likely just a gamma issue, but it’d be easier to see the texture window with the compression type being used.

Also where you’re seeing it being washed out matters too. Texture window, thumbnails, final material preview, in the actual scene, etc.

this Jpeg, you need only TGA?

PNG or TGA to have transparency.

When I import the texture thumbnail shows the right color but then goes bright.

You have parametr in adjustment. 1st line. It can make the picture better. :slight_smile:

Thanks but adjusting those values doesn’t work. The only solution that seems to get closest is in “Compression Settings” is UserInterface2D.