All custom Log Categories unrecognized in new class

As the title says, my custom log categories (defined in Gamename.h and Gamename.cpp) are not recognized inside method definitions of a newly created class. Works perfectly inside the rest of the project. What factors could be affecting this? Not default Visual Studio IntelliSense nor Resharper’s IntelliSense can’t detect it.

// Gamename.h

// Gamename.cpp

// MyNewClass.cpp
UE_LOG(LogVision, Warning, TEXT("Random text msg"));  // Cannot resolve symbol 'LogVision'

Edit: I’m able to compile. It’s just IntelliSense that is broken and anything I can think of to clear caches (Generate Visual Studio project files, delete binaries and intermediate and rebuild, stop and resume ReSharper, etc.) has no effect. Why is it so consistently broken on this specific file?

Are you able to Build, though?
That happens to me, but I ignore it and Build fine.
UE_LOG for my new Category is sometimes recognized and not recognized at the same time on the same (cpp) file…

I feel a bit dumb, but I swear I tried this before and it didn’t work… Anyways, by including the Gamename.h file in the broken files the log categories were recognized again by IntelliSense. Now my obsessive side is happy that no red underlines are present on the file :smiley: