all 3dBuzz tutorials are now free/UDK forums are back

People might remember that founder Jason Busby passed away 2 years ago.The talented people maintained the place for a few more years but looks like it was time for them to pursue new goals and is understandable.Good luck to them and thank you!

The site 3dBuzz is down now but all of the tutorials they ever made>3d content creation,coding,cryengine, UE4 and obviously all UT3/UDK are now free.
This video should explain better:

Their site might give a warning about a malware, but there is none.Its just not a final finished site yet.

Downloads are temporary unavailable but will be back.If you follow the links or info from the youtube video you will reach a massive reddit thread where users are sharing their space to hold a torrent with all of the tutorials just in case>close to 210gb of tutorials

The 3dBuzz youtube channel looks to have been uploading some of tutorials also: (not all as i don’t see the UE4 ones and a few others)Will probably come in a few days/weeks

Thank you Jason and to the talented teachers from 3d Buzz :wink:

Also, the archived UDK forums are back :smiley: Big thanks to VictorLerp and the team behind the resurrection!

Give them a spin and notify if everything is working fine for you(searching and stuff)

And dont forget to leave a thank you in the main thread so that the devs can know we are grateful!…s-broken/page2

cheers! does anyone like UE4 4.24 ? I’ve packaged with it and it gives me bad errors when in the built game.

Great, thanks!