Aligning character to sphere

Hi, I’m new to this engine though I am familiar with C++ and I’m having trouble doing what I thought would be quite simple when I saw UE had functions for it.

I followed the tutorials to make my own moving character and now that he is moving I’m trying to make it so as he walks along a 3D sphere he tilts along it. E.g. like in Super Mario Galaxy.

I’m having a lot of trouble doing that however.

I have created a Raycast Function that lets me get the surface that I want to traverse along.

Here I had tried various methods to try and get it to align. I have googled this issue multiple times to find a solution but I can’t find one that worked when I implemented it.

I’m honestly just really stuck here and I have no idea how to continue this. Since I only started using this engine yesterday there is probably something I have missed that can Help me.

TL;DR I originally wanted to get my character aligning to surface normals but I cant get that too work pls help