"Align object to hand"

Hello polycounters! Today I have a new issue about main motion controller blueprint… I’m building an aplication where I can pickup some objects of my level. This object has a bluprint based on empty VR proyect layout but I changed it a little bit. I would like the object can be grab with a “snap effect”… So it is so easy to me. I should only change “LocationRule” and "RotationRule to “snap to target” option in the “AttachToComponent” node. Like this:

BUUUT… when I pickup this object he turn his local rotation -90º. Then I added “AddLocalRotation” to fix this problem.

Well, now the object turn in the direction I want… but now in the left hand the object turn 180º… It is like a mirror behavior. I see that the object rotate in the opposite direction than in the right hand… I need to align the object with my hand correctly. I hope you support me. I’m desperate! Thanks guys!