Aliasing problem in Mobile VR

I cant fix aliasing on some distanse from character. If some objects is close they are sharp, but if they are further than 3-4 meters they start to “dance”.

My set ups

How can i make fix or hide this problem?

Some more aliasing for you)

Target mobile device OnePluse5

the issue on the door looks a little like z fighting. is there a room behind that door or just the wall?

as far as the aliasing, if this is a screenshot from the phone then it could just be a resolution issue. i don’t know if you can use anti-aliasing on the phone.

There is a room, but it is closed. You cant pass the door.

How can i fix this resolution issue?
P.s. MSAAx4 is working100%. TemporalAA is on, but i am not sure that it works.

assuming it’s at the phone’s resolution then you can’t increase it without AA, which you’re using. it’s possible that your frame rate isn’t dropping enough for temporal AA to make a difference, if it is working. it’s also possible that you just need more MSAA. the resolution of the OnePlus5 is 1920x1080, which is then cut in half to give you 960x1080. that’s definitely a low resolution but i haven’t used phone VR and so i don’t know how it feels in game.

May be you can say to me how can i blur a litle all objects with is not close to character?
I think it will solve a part of this problem.

depth of field does that. i don’t know how it works on mobile though.

It dose not work