Aliasing on the Emissive surfaces

I’m working with the VR. and on the all anti-aliasing solutions TAA, FXAA, MSAA bad flickering aliasing effect.
GIF attached


use TAA, it makes everything a bit blurry but that should “fix” it.
Or just use MSAA8X

I wrote above “and on the all anti-aliasing solutions TAA, FXAA, MSAA”
it’s not work

a little helped r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight -1
but there is kill emissive on the distance and make artefacts on the hmd movement

sory it did not say it in the description that those solutions didn’t work…

I didn’t edit it

the english was bad so it didn’t come up to me that you meant that those solutions didn’t work.

Have you tried setting MSAA to 8x yet?

yeapp, unfortunately it’s not work too

try making the object wider.
It maybe that the face between the emission face and the outside “shell” of the mesh, maybe too narrow causing this “flickering”.

This also happens when you are looking at an object from very far away, because it doesn’t know what edge to draw first and the edges become too small.

I maybe wrong though.

I tried it too, I make instead lamp - box with only emissive bottom part - not work

Bumped this, solution not found yet(

update: msaa count 16 resets to 1. On the 8 - far distance objects looks bad than TAA , but close ones good

MSAAx8 Vive Test MSAAx8 Vive Test - YouTube
TAA Vive Test TAA Vive Test - YouTube

did you find a solution to your problem ?

The neons are too bright and too thin. Its a very difficult case to handle for the AA, and the bloom only make it worse.
But anyway it doesnt look like the aa its working at all. Its a standard opaque material?

Have you tried to fake the bloom with billboards?

standard material, problem in VR only.
You tried to test your suggestion in VR?

No. (

Maybe someone from staff can give some a light