aliasing issue with texture


in my application, I need to display a painting as a textured quad. When I rotate the camera around the painting (using matinee), I have severe aliasing, meaning the texture becomes very blurry until the camera completes the rotation and is still - please see the following video (please enlarge the video when viewing it):

The problem is very noticeable with temporal AA, while it is less so with FXAA - however, with FXAA I have other aliasing problems with moving meshes, so I would prefer to use temporal AA.

The texture has a 4096x2048 size, and is imported using the default compression and mip map gen settings. I am using UE 4.10.1, under windows 8.1, with a Nvidia 980 and all editor quality settings at the Epic level. I am not using any motion blur.

What could I do?

Thanks a lot!

Your video capture is very blurry even at 720p and I can’t tell what’s going on

I can tell you: The AA in ue4 is ****. it blurres every frame and it lags as ****.
Detail mapping and AA leaves brandings of preframes.
Water SSR does only work with AA
AA makes game looking like in a fishpont. XD

uahahahaha constructive comments FTW!


Now take a look at this ^^ Im totaly saying the truth.

Sorry for the blurry video, had to do several conversions before uploading to youtube. This one should be much better in showing the problem:

The blur / “flashes” you see in the texture now is actually Unreal Temporal AA, not my video :slight_smile: … compare with how the texture appears at the end of the camera motion.