ALERT--TrueBones- Posting Your personal information on youtube. DO NOT PURCHASE HIS PACK!

Hello my name is Alvin and Truebones went on Youtube and and posted my personal information. He used a Paypal invoice with my name address, Phone number and email for everyone to see on youtube. He did this without my permission. I am writing this to let your community know if you have brought motions from him in the past be wary cause he will do it to you. I have talked to Paypal and they said they are investigating the matter. I have also contacted youtube. I am contacting everyone who was involved with this person to be careful. I would also add you should ban him and all his alt names from your website the is Bad person.

If you has done the same thing to you send me a pm here in the fourm. If you have bought any motions from him through paypay well some of your personal information could be at risk. This is not a joke he did this to me.

He already has been banned. If you think he has alternate accounts, contact the moderators.

In regards to him posting your personal information on Youtube, contact Youtube about it.

quick edit: I think plenty of people are aware of him by this point

Just curious, but what was the point of them posting your info?

Wungun made a video for a contest using some mixamo animations and Truebones claims he used Truebones animations as well (as far as I know there is no definitive proof from either party). Anyway, Truebones used the Paypal invoice as proof Wungun purchased his animations to support his theory that Wungun used Truebones animations in his video and not solely those from mixamo (although a purchase doesn’t prove they were used in that project). Truebones did attempt to hide Wungun’s information in his own video, and really the only actual personal information I could see in Truebones video was Wungun’s email address, but I admit I was not looking very hard for personal information.

Anyway, Truebones is quite a character. Search him on Google.

LOL well yea considering how much motion capture is out there just under CC0 alone. I have some True Bones packages and there are more than a few takes in the package that is questionable as to it’s origin.

Carnegie-Mellon Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database for example has been out for years under CC0 and has been converted to and included as part of a lot of different animation packages for sale or other wise.

Now he may or may not have a case but just because of the nature of fair use assets there is no way of really knowing 100% the origin of the asset in hand and if the animations used was bought under fair use licensing there is no reason that this should have been an issue in the first place.

Sorry to get snippy but when a asset provider starts making ownership claims it ticks me off as once purchased under fair use it’s none of their business as to how it is used after the fact.

I don’t think Truebones had a problem with Wungun using the assets, but Wungun’s video only credited mixamo for animations and Truebones thought his animations were used as well which made him a little angry (I mean the license probably does not require crediting anyway but I haven’t looked into it). Again, no proof from either side.

Now the thing was in Truebones video he talks about some forum posts from Wungun elsewhere where they both technically agree but it was still a veiled jab at Truebones which is what caused him to dig into Wungun more. Truebones has done some strange things in the past and is now more or less on a vendetta trying to get others in trouble for the same thing he got in trouble for (assuming I understand the situation correctly, it’s pretty muddy). But yeah Google has some interesting stuff.

lol This guy again… geez

Not "them;

This ‘true bones’ guy is a very well known scammer…

Well I just pointed out just one of the issues relating to TB as to the origin of his MoCap library, as part of a Google search, which in my memory goes back as far as Quake3.

On point with the original post what happen then is he more or less got doced which I believe is the releasing of personal information via a 3rd party source. If that’s the case in some parts of the world this is an illegal action and criminal charges could be applied.

Personally if me I would rather he goes to jail than settle for a refund… Maybe refund and damages maybe.

That guy is not going to stop anytime soon it seems, it is like when you eat something bad and it doesn’t go away that easily :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok everyone Here ya go and make sure you pay attention @25:41 - YouTube also read all the coment on that video.

I dont know what his point was to do so but he did it.

This video came while he was sending me emails i did not answer them but i sure did send him the link to that video. Have not gotten an email since.

That is the second video the first one has my name current address and some other stuff on it. He posted a paypal invoice and i called Paypal and told them what he had done . Paypal said that that is a breach of the T.O.S and he could be banned from their service.

Hey everyone! I want to make it clear that we have completely banned Truebones from our community due to this exact kind of behavior. It is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in our ecosystem. If anyone sees Truebones or any other banned individual attempt to bypass their ban, please let us know.

Though this incident happened outside of Epic’s official channels, we will always do our best to make sure people here are safe from scams. So for everyone here on the forums, please don’t be afraid report suspicious activity if you are unsure of how genuine it is.

Humm with this and that there was a point made that I’m not sure as to whats being implied. In question was the difference between selling animations for a dollar a take or providing a service for converting a set of animations for a service fee.

  1. If the client provides the clips and as a service an animator converts the animation as to need and returns the animation to the client than that is contracted as work for hire.
  2. If the client provides the clips and as a service an animator converts the animation as to need and returns the animation to the client but also adds the assets to their own catalogue then that’s theft.

1 is acceptable but 2 is not.

Just wanted to point that out as it’s not uncommon for a freelancer to hire out by contract to modify for use commercial products under license.

Hello everyone Autodesk called me and from what i understand You can not resale any character from their character generator,but you can take the base meshes MODIFY them in max or maya and sell the base mesh only. You can not sell the figure fully rigged, textured with the morphs. After that i told them to check out Truebones on sketchfab.

about a few hours later i see this on sketchfab----

hehe truebones is my weekly entertainment.
I literally buy popcorn and consider it a sitcom podcast.

all kidding aside though, he has targeted me occasionally, semi-doxxed me in a video that YT removed after my request.
That said, its sad that someone with such conspiracy/mental issues isnt getting the help he needs.
also, im sure he is reading this, making a video about it.

Wait… do I get a badge for being in a truebones video three times? that be awesome!

If you say Truebones 3 times in one post does that summon him?

Was there ever any doubt? Congratulations Joe! You’ve found a super-secret message!

It unfortunately takes but a single mention for them to appear. Congratulations Joe! You’ve found ANOTHER super-secret message!
May have to start referring to them as “he who is not to be named”. Yes, here’s a another. You’re getting good at this!
No, there are no more secret messages.