ALERT--TrueBones- Posting Your personal information on youtube. DO NOT PURCHASE HIS PACK!

Yea so Joe McPeek/Truebones Has another alt account in here this man has made Several video on me. All of them have no point but being that he cant get enuff of me. It like he has fallen in love with something he cant have. Honestly he should hurry up and go find another forum board and Trick some more people into buying his stolen goods.So now the list is growing of places he cant sell His pirated goods

Reallusion- Marketplace/Reallusion Forum-Banned-forever

Unity-Asset Store/Unity Forum-Banned-forever

Unreal Engine/Epicgames asset store and Forum–Banned-Forever

New Add- Sketchfab- Banned untill 2044!

If any of you in this thread know of anyplace Joe Mcpeek is selling Copyright material tell me i would like to here your story.

I have just started a youtube series that gives information about folks who make legitimate content for developers. I am hoping everyone will get involved , If you are a developer post a link in this thread and i will feature you in future youtube videos.


Sketchfab under pressure from Autodesk and Adobe Mixamo shut the door on another Pirate Joe scam. Pirate Joe was taking Mixamo animation and Autodesk avatars and redistributing them. In the case of both companies it was against their T.O.S and now one of the two companies is seeking legal action against Truebones owner Joe Mcpeak… Autodesk on a phone call said The owner of Truebones will hear from us soon.

Reaching out to Sketchfab : It appears that They where waiting to hear back from autodesk about the Autodesk character Avatars to see if Joe Mcpeak owned the rights to the figures to give away. Sketchfab got their answer and Truebones got the boot from the porfoilo site. Joe Mcpeak Makemo also was shut down by Mixamo the day before on Sketchfab. It was found out that Joe was changing the namespaces on the motions and avatars of Mixamo and changing them to Makemo.

Joe maybe getting ready to start a whole new Piracy operation with his New imprint MOCAPZ. No information at this time is known about the new Facebook page that appeared after the sketch fab incident. At this point with possible legal action coming against him he maybe trying to reincarnate himself into yet another Pirate con-man operation.

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