Alembic file vertex coloring looks different imported as static mesh vs skeletal, geometric cache

I’ve been importing some vertex colored alembic files into UE 4.26.2 to run tests using a simple unlit shader that just plugs in vertex color into the emission node. For some reason, when I import the same file as a static mesh, it looks lighter than when imported as a skeletal mesh or geometric cache (pasted an image below to illustrate the difference). I’ve made no other changes at all, and I can’t seem to figure out why this could be. I’ve also tried with a few different files and all of them show the same result.

At first I thought it could be a gamma vs linear color space thing, but I don’t know why it would change between imports and also don’t know how Unreal handles this (whether there’s a setting for it anywhere). Is this a bug? Any leads would be appreciated! Thanks.