Alembic cache doing strange artefacts in render

[Hi, I’m trying to render this alembic cache (fluid sim) imported from blender to Unreal and would like to get rid of this strange frame artefact. I put a default sphere with default material on it and made it move so you can see the motion blur effect I’m looking for. The fluid sim alembic cache doesn’t appear the same (video and photo attached).
I’ve tested different settings in blender (blender fps, time scale, fluid resolution etc…) but nothing changes.
I’m also quite sure it’s not the materials in Unreal since the glitch appears no matter what material is applied.
Note that Motion blur is enabled in the project settings.
I can’t figure out if this stuttering glitch is caused by some rendering settings in unreal, or import/export settings between Blender and Unreal. Thanks for the help.]