Albedo tint & pixel depth offset

hey there!
materials in unreal works like this :
master materials :
the one you can create parameters , nodes and all the math you want inside,
and material instances :
they are based on master materials, and you can set the parameters you exposed in the master materials differently to each different instances.
more infos here: Creating and Using Material Instances | Unreal Engine Documentation

for quixel, when you import elements, it creates instanced mats for assets, based on quixels master materials (you can edit them using the find parent function in the editor)
hope it helps !

Hello, fresh Unreal user here, be gentle. I’m plowing through a number of Quixel and Unreal tutorials, and my main headache is that I literally can’t find the windows and parameters they refer to.

Here, I’m going through Joe Garth’s fantastic Rebirth tutorial, but I simply don’t have the Albedo Tint and Pixel Offset parameters, as described at 11:45

I don’t have any of the settings in a new material I create.

I do have the Albedo Tint in the material that comes with the Quixel asset, but not the pixel offset.

The Quixel materials appear to be created as some sort of special material, that have different tweaking parameters than fresh Unreal materials?

Thanks for any advice,

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