Akeytsu software and UE4 - has anyone use it ?

I stumbled upon this animation software on Steam today: and it looks quite interesting, especially for the price.

Has anyone used it with UE4? (whether loading Mannequin to Akeytsu for animations; or making rig and animation from scratch)

Any issues?

Can it load mocap’ped animations to be tuned and expanded with keyed/generated animation (I believe it has run/walk/etc. cycles generator)?

Can it allow several characters in the same scene? (making synced anims fight animation for example)


I saw it too. I never used it , you can download a trial version from their website. My trial expired without me using it even once.They also have a youtube channel.

Sure I can. Before I waste my time, I do that I’d like to know about it from animators who used it for UE4.

It looks awesome, I’m definitely going to give the trial a go…

Used it a few times, had problem with no root bone at exported skeleton, so I had to import new skeleton and then retarget to original sekelton. Animating tools by the way is quite cool.

Looks pretty cool - gonna download trial and test exporting

@motorsep - What is you assessment of Akeytsu so far?

I like modo indie for the price. The animation and rigging tools are pretty decent. I dont really like steam for software though and cancelled modo. This looks ok, but it seems like another one of those. “Anything will work for a week, and then go back to blender,maya,max,modo etc.” Ipisoft mocap is really the way to go, and not much more expensive than this. i set up 3 pseye cameras to a thunderbolt. Its an awesome tool, and not just another tinker toy to distract me.

I like it, but it’s a hit and miss at this moment. I’ve been using Blender for a long time and getting used to a new paradigm takes time. I like skinning and weighting so far. Blazing fast compare to Blender. Building skeleton itself isn’t as fast, but that’s because I know Blender’s UI and Akeytsu is all new to me.

As far as rigging - I love IK/FK stuff. In Blender it’s a royal pita. Gotta script all that and there are no tutorials about it. While there is a all-in-one rig that comes with 2.79, it’s a way too complex to mess with. Basically initial setup of your character in Akeytsu happens a way faster than in Blender.

I also like animation layers in Akeytsu. Blender’s NLA editor seems clunky and overly complicated. The whole setting up your character and animating with layers in Blender is just awkward. Not to mention datablocks :confused:

As far as animating with Akeytsu, I can’t say much as I am just getting into it. Should be super smooth and easy based on the their videos. I ran into some UI issues and understanding the basic concept, but I think I got it now. It’s V1, so I expect it to improve based on the users’ feedback.

I can hardly see myself going back to animating in Blender, unless it’s mechanical stuff of some simple things (and by then I might change my mind and do it all in Akeytsu). But not characters. I can see why some people might say Blender is better, because it’s more advanced when it comes to shape keys, constraints, some really complex rigs that requires scripting (and constraints), mocap, etc., but that’s maybe handy for AAA level production or someone making Lord of the Rings type of characters. I don’t think Blender can beat Akeytsu when it comes to hand-animating characters and creating a lot of anims in a short period of time (and then exporting them into UE4 without any hacks and fuss).

@motersep Does the export to UE4 work without issue?

I haven’t tried exporting anims yet, but skeletal mesh works fine. Haven’t tried retargeting UE4 anims to my character.

Is not working for me the animations are not exporting

Akeytsu works fine for me. There are several export options for animations. Try 'em out and see which one works best for you.

Do you think is the characters I use cause I’m no able to export the animations, how do you do it?

I follow documentation.

Am I right that it doesn’t support morphs/blendshapes yet?

Correct, but, this is coming in the nearest future

The one-click skeleton generation for Unity/Unreal is interesting.