Airport in Brazil 100% RTX - No baking or reflection captures.

This project had a very short deadline, and if it had not been for Unreal, it would not have been able to meet the deadline. Not used bake or reflection captures.

I used one 2080ti.

Tks Epic!


That’s some amazing work! I was thinking how reflection captures are so strongly emphasized in tutorials and around the forums, yet with SSR and planar it would probably be sufficient for lots of projects. And light baking is over-rated in certain cases because it produces a ton of artifacts that have to worked out, unless one or the team are somehow at expert / master level of baking lighting in UE and can use it without any or only a few problems getting generated from the start.

When I use Bake I always use Luoshuang’s GPULightmass, it is better in quality and time to render.