AIPerceptionComponent doesn't display details in Editor

Hi, I have created a working behavior of my AI character using blueprints. Now I’d like to rewrite most of it in C++ but I struggle at the point where I created component in my AIController class as following:

UAIPerceptionComponent* AIPerceptionComponent;

and set it up in class constructor as following:

AIPerceptionComponent = CreateDefaultSubobject<UAIPerceptionComponent>(TEXT("PerceptionComponent"));
    AIPerceptionComponent->OnPerceptionUpdated.AddDynamic(this, &AGateKeeperController::HandlePerceptionUpdated);

AFter succesful compilation I switch to the editor and see that component has been added to my blueprint class which is based on that script but when I select the component to see the details I can see only this:


Does anyone know if I am missing something or this is a bug?

I appreciate any comments, wish you all great day :slight_smile:

I guess this answer will remain unaswered :smiley: