AIMoveTo always aborts, even though Navmesh exists

Hey guys, I’m currently dealing with an issue where my NPCs always Abort their AiMoveTo task immediately.

I recently migrated my 4.18 project to 4.21 and the issue has only started occurring since then. I’ve read another Question thread where someone suggested that there were some changes between that version and the latest? Something to do with a difference between RecastNavMesh & AbstractNavData. But honestly I think it went a little over my head, and I’ve since lost that thread and can’t find it anymore.

I fiddled around with the Navigation System setting in Project settings yesterday and momentarily got the AI moving again. However since opening the project up again today the settings appear to have reverted and the AI are once again aborting all of their tasks.

Could anybody point me in the right direction on how to start tackling this issue? It would feel like a step sideways to solve the issue by just going back to 4.18.