Aim Offset Question

Hi everyone,

I’ve been studying the source code, especially the animation modules, then I realized the Aim Offset is not more than blended animations, based on Yaw and Pitch Rotation the animation affects the character’s pose, each animation has Weight and it range is from 0 to 1, for example, if the Yaw is ranged from -1 to 1 (being -1 the negative Yaw range, 0 the center and 1 the positive Yaw Range), and the Yaw is 0 then only the Weight of Center Animation will be set on 1.0 and the others weight of the rest of animation will be set at 0.0, if we have 9 animations for aiming, how does the Animation Module calculate the correct Weight of an animation?

You can change the grid in the axis and interpolating time. You can also set an animation locomotion play rate pin into it.


hi, what I’m asking basically is how UE calculate the weight of each animation, look the attachment these values 0.504 … thanks