Aim offset problem

Hello. I’m working on a TP shooter. I made a 1d aim offset just for pitch because i have set bUseControllerRotationYaw to true. Now the problem is, when im idle the aim works. Moves the gun up and down. But as soon as i give input like Move forward, back, left, right etc it starts pointing the gun in the center even if im looking down or up. The way im getting pitch for aim offset to animate is by getting delta of actor rotation and control rotation which then feeds the value to animation(look up, down). I guess when i move it changes the control rotation value which then effect my animation. I want to aim and walk at the same time. I’ll really appreciate if someone could help me.

Hi, I believe there is something wrong in your animation blueprint. Can you update your post with a screenshot of your animation graph as well as your animation state machine?

ok i solved it. you for telling me that the problem is with animation and not my control rotaion values. Basically the mistake i made was i used aim offset for idle ironsights but i didnt used aim offset with walking iron sight. I added that and it works. Thanks again. How do i mark this as solved?

Solved in a comment

That’s what I had thought indeed, anyway, thanks for updating your post even after solving your problem :wink: What you can do is copy-pasting your last comment to the answer section bellow, then you may be able to accept your own answer.