AIController possession limits

Hi everyone,

I would like to know how many characters a single AIController can possess.

Right now, for testing purposes I’m making the character to get auto possessed by my custom AI controller only when placed in the world, not spawned. I see the engine creates a new instance of the AI controller for each character placed in the world. I also tested the “Placed in world or spawned” option with the same results: the engine generates a new instance for every character (placed or spawned). I’ve tried to create an instance of the AI controller in C++ for each new spawned character, no problems and same results.

And finally I tried to create only one instance of the AI controller and make it possess every new spawned character. No problems again, every character do what it’s told and I only have one instance of the AI controller.

Question is: what’s the best approach to make AI control multiple characters? Is there a limit for AI controllers to possess pawns?

Thanks in advance!!

Ok, I found the answer or I think so.

For the record. Using only one instance of the AI controller, when it possesses a second character it stops possessing the first one, so the controller will only possess one character at a time.

If I’m not wrong, it means that if I need to spawn 60 chars then I will have 60 AI controllers. Feels kinda weird…