AIController Not working on spawn actor from class

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		  			 			[FONT=&amp][SIZE=13px]I am following the unreal engine tutorial on MOBA creep and I'm stuck on the part 3 where they change SpawnAI for a Spawn actor from class cause the minions have to set default lane and team but the issue is the AI Controller are not working at all... I do print string on begin play and event tick in AIController and nothing print out on the screen... I need to get it work to run the behavior tree. I have try to change the setting in minion blueprint (Auto possess ai) > to placed in world or spawned... but it doesn't work. Anyone know what is going on here?

You need to debug it all, see where it does not work. Hard to tell without looking into your project. Check step by step if all works.

Ps. look into property of pawn that tells when to use AI.

@**Nawrot **](not quite sure about the difference between debug and development configuration - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums)[FONT=“Helvetica Neue”]SpawnDefaultController node did the job… For some reason the AIController will not work if using SpawnActorFromClass, it need to be set via blueprint.
Thanks for your help!

…Check this as well … ; ] ,

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Check this for BP
and this on C++