AI twitches on movement?

So I’ve had a lot of issues with the MoveTo node in the behavior tree. It wouldn’t work for a long time (Would always fail) but now I’ve managed to stop it from failing every tick (which I have no idea how I fixed it). But now, as it seems, my character will move for 1 frame, and then stand still for another and repeat it until it reaches the player location. This gives the twitch effect as it is playing two separate animations after a very short time period.

Have you debugged your behavior tree?
In a window on the side open the behavior tree while the game is running. Select the AI character you want to debug. And observe why it’s jumping off the MoveTo node. From there you have to determine what’s making it change state. It’s a pain to debug sometimes.

Believe it or not, it is not actually jumping off the MoveTo node. It’s not failing, it’s just the movement is very twitchy. It shows the task trying to be completed on the left side in the AI debug. Thanks for the comment Bino.

No worries sorry wasn’t much help. Only thing I can think of is to test the AI on the simple flat plane to eliminate potential nav mesh issues. And if possible, step through the MoveTo Code. Are you able to provide a video?

btw, very cool looking project!

Sadly I cannot provide a video due to not being able to provide a direct link. And the NavMesh is fine, as I tested it with another AI. And thank you, it’s based on Shadow of the Colossus (The best game ever IMO)