AI Starts to Shake when gets to location

Hi, I have an AI, and I use the function AI Move To so the character can move to the location I want, so far no problem, however, when the AI get’s to the location, he starts to tremble, at first, i thought it was because i was doing so in the Tick event, that’s making the character to always move, but i tried on Begin Play, and when it gets to the location starts trembling.

Youtube Video Example

The blueprint i’m using to move the character:

Thanks for reading!

Is it multiplayer?

Does the same happens when you use other nodes such as “Move To Location”?

It’s single player, and yes, with other nodes it happened too.
instead of creating the behaviour of the AI on the Level blueprint, i decided to just create a BehaviourTree, and now the shaking disapeared.

HI there, could you solve it? Have the Same thing…

Same Here… Did anyone solve this?


the Solution is the SmoothingTime in your Animation BlendShape

your welcome :slight_smile: