AI rotate to face path it is taking

I’d like to ask if there is a way to make an AI character face the way he is trying to go before he starts moving. Currently when he turns around to go back the way he came he just starts sliding on the ground and turns around while already moving in that direction. I’ve tried to set it up so he waits and faces the point he is trying to reach, but if the point is for example behind a corner, the AI will just face the wall and then still slide on the ground. So is there a way to make the AI only walk forward or rotate to the path that he is choosing? It seems fine when the AI walks around corners (I have strafing disabled, because my Ai doesn’t need to do that), but not when he is turning around. I’ve seen a post regarding this but they suggested writing a custom path in C++. Is it possible to archieve something like that with blueprints?

Hello. Sorry for my bed English.
If You use for your AI “Nave Mesh Bounds Volume”, your AI will run along the shortest path around obstacles and not bumping into them.

So that the AI first turns in the right direction and then runs there, configure this sequence using the behavior tree.
And if you want your AI to turn towards for example some kind of noise, use Pawn Sensing (this component is attached to the character). For example: some noise occurs behind the wall. The AI rotates in the direction of noise, but there is a wall. After that, the AI begins to search by the visual sensor, turning left and right. If no one is found then begins to move in the direction of noise.

Thank you, but thats not what I meant. I would like to have an AI that rotates correctly depending on where he wants to go next. I’ve attached a picture to show what I mean. I do not want my AI to rotate while already running, because then it is just sliding on the ground. I would like my AI to turn around if his next waypoint is behind it and then start moving. Because right now it looks very unrealisitc. When my AI is chasing or going to another waypoint while already moving it looks fine, but whenever it needs to turn around at an angle more than 90° it just looks like he is moving sideways and I do not want my AI to strafe. The only workaround that I’ve come up with was to make the AI look at the target point, but as said previously when the AI looks at a waypoint that is behind a wall but the path it needs to go is behind him, it’ll slide again like in the picture.

Also I do not know how to set up something like that, thats my problem. I guess you need to check how much the AI needs to rotate and when it is >90° you need to slow it down so it can rotate, but I don’t know how I can check if he rotates more than 90° from its initial position without constantly checking the turnrates thus killing performance.