AI Question


Use the Behavior Tree blueprint nodes as starting points.

Is it possible to make a full AI System in Blueprints , and Being able to kill the “bot”, in c++ or whatever created??

Thank you

Here’s a nice tutorial series for you:

you do not need to use the black board or behavior tree the problem with that is you will end up setting up the same type of system either by using a tick event and a large amount of custom events, or you can set it to work without a tick event, but it will be less receptive, because it does not run checks as often, and therefore only runs a check after completing current task.

finally wrighting it all in the ai bp, or the ai controller bp is messy and hard to trouble shoot so the blackboard makes thinks less messy and more easy to troubleshoot

This is the practical part

This is the theory

NOTE:Please Do not neglect the theory.

Yes you can. I have made a full AI system using Inheritance, Blackboards and behavior trees. I have more than 6-7 types of AI and 3 different bosses in the game. I have implemented a whole system and a tool for my designers to even level design, all in blueprints (We did not have time to learn Unreal C++ as we had to make this in 3 months). However, I did feel a lot of times I had more time and moved all the code to C++, that would make blueprints cleaner.

In short, you can get almost anything in Blueprints, if needed you can also write some classes in C++ and use them in blueprints as Blueprint function libraries, components, Interfaces etc.