AI-possessed Pawn flies off at incredibly high speed immediately after hitting play

I have a very simple pawn with a Sphere Collision and a child Static Mesh. This pawn is set to be possessed by an AI Controller on spawn and the AI Controller basically sets up the blackboard and runs the behaviour tree. The behaviour tree is set to do nothing. As soon as I hit play in the editor, the pawn falls to the floor and bounces off at speeds almost too fast to see and quickly flies out of the edges of the worldmap and gets deleted.

In the picture above, the blurred blue thing is the object thats rocketing away.

I’ve been stuck on this for a very long time, any help is appreciated.

it sounds kinda like a collision issue.

to post pictures you should be able to just click icon that looks like a Polaroid picture (it just to the right of the paperclip). this will bring up a menu, hit browse, locate the file you want to upload, click open, then click upload.

I added the picture. It does seem like a collision issue, since with physics off it doesn’t do this.