AI playing the walking animation when not moving

Hey! I have an issue with my AI, to which I can’t seem to find a fix for. For some reason, the AI plays a walking animation even though it doesn’t move.

Everything should be fine in the AnimBP as well, I’ve made sure that there are no mistakes with the blendspaces or the movement states.

It’s also fine inside the character BP but if I launch the game, it just plays the walking animation in place for some reason.

I’m suspecting it has something to do with my behavior tree or the nav mesh, although I’m pretty sure everything’s alright there as well.

If anyone has a possible explanation for this, I’d appreciate it, thanks.

Bumping this, because I could really use some help with this one

This could be several different things.

First of all, I would hook your speed variable up to a print string to see if it thinks it is moving.

-If speed is at 0 and it is animating a run, then I would go into your state machine and check for any issues there.
-If speed is significantly over 0 even when the character is in place, then it might be the navigation.
-If it is just being nitpicky and speed is at .00001 or something, I believe there is a node for that to fix it. You can plug in a “roughly equal” node of some sort rather than a perfect greater than node, but I don’t remember the exact name of it.

I found out what caused it. I hooked up my speed to a print string and noticed how weird the results were. Turns out I accidentally put get actor location instead of get velocity in the animBP when calculating the speed, dumb me. Thanks for the help.