AI Perception - How to lose perception?

So, I’ve got TWO senses (seeing and hearing) set up on the AI Controller associated with my Enemy Pawn. The “hearing” radius is larger than the “sight” radius. I essentially want to “lose track” of my player character when my player character is out of the range of the hearing radius (the bigger of the radii). However, I CANNOT for the life of me seem to achieve this?!? This seems like it should be painfully easy!!!

What’s the easiest / best way for me to ensure no player is “sensed” once the player character gets outside of the range of the hearing radius?

I DO seem to be able to have the “successfully sensed” stimuli bool go to “FALSE” whenever I escape the sight radius…but the same does NOT happen when I escape the hearing radius.

Hi, unfortunately the hearing sense wasn’t build for this kind of behavior you want.

What you could do would be to set the max age for the hearing sense to some small number (e.g. 2 seconds) and then every second register a noise event from the player. Then when the player is out of hearing range for longer than 2 seconds, you get a successfully sensed false stimulus from the hearing sense.

Sight sense is the only sense that updates constantly (that is also why using it can have an impact on performance). The other senses work event driven only, they don’t keep track.

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Thanks for your thoughtful reply and helpful response! It certainly brought clarity and I appreciate the alternative approach you suggested. I will indeed give that a try.