AI Perception Component - Multiplayer issues


I am having an issue with the UAIPerceptionComponent class, I added one to my APlayerController, works great in single player but in multiplayer the client with ?listen works fine but the clients that connect do not get notifications except for players, the perception senses other players only.

So I also looked at the server side Controllers for other client and the server side controllers do get notifications for everything in the scene like it’s supposed to.

Is this a bug or is this the intended behavior? If it’s intended how should I go about syncing this? I store an array of the sensed actors to highlight the closest one to the character in Tick(), it seems inefficient to have this go through the network.

I haven’t tried in standalone mode yet, I tested this in the editor.


Up! @Mieszko

I have not understand your issue clearly. But I am trying to implement AiPerception on Network clients, to make clients-only notification about their current enemies. And it works in editor, but doesn’t works in shiping version.

As I can see here UPawnSensingComponent | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

SensingComponent encapsulates sensory (ie sight and hearing) settings and functionality for an Actor, allowing the actor to see/hear Pawns in the world. It does nothing on network clients.

So i think if you need some perception on player you have to do it by yourself.