AI patrol moving along spline

I have defined a spline path to move my first player pawn actor (like 2.5 sidescroller style game).
I want to define some point of this spline as target point for my AI Bot to patrol, and want this AI BOT move along the same spline to reach the targets.

Do you have any suggestion to how do that?

Hello i have been learning Splines as of late and i have made some progress

This is a video of my Ai at work well walking

Patrol is what makes the location along the spline
Ai spline movement is well the location

Path Switch is for my ai it will see you then stop going on the spline and go after someone. stop then come back to its same position to start

You will need the variable names Location Along Spline and
Walking speed both being float


Location along spline at 0 is at the beginning of the spline and 500000 or somthing like that being the end
and the way i made this is it can loop if its at its max it sets it to 0 and goes through again

the first photo the very right is nothing i just made them connect for if i wanted i could add more