AI pathfinding result in Error

Hey guys,
having some troubles with my AI and can’t seem to find a solution. I tell my AI to find a cube, which is does the first time I start the game. After that, he seems not to find path to other cubes. I show you where my AI stands and where he wants to go alongside with the vislog. Hope somebody can help me. Navmesh generation is set to dynamic.

EDIT: Seems like it has something to do with the Navigation Mesh Region and Layer Partitioning. If I do Monotone, my AI moves a bit weird, but it can move to all cubes instead of only the first. Nevertheless, why do it find the first cube easy with Watershed, but no other cube? Do anyone have a good documentation about this subject?

Can you try and remove the collision? what could be the problem is that there is no navigation around that cube.
Removing the collision would make it possible to reach the point.

If this is the solution, create a invisible box bigger then the cube and make sure its within the (green) nav bound.
Use the invisible box to move to instead of the cube you see.

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Actually, that seems to work pretty well. But my AI should not be able to walk through these actors, so it needs collision though. I think that is what your second suggestion is trying to tackle? How do you mean making the invisible box? As I understand, I do it like that:

But I am using the whole actor to move to. How do you mean using this blue invisible box to move to instead of the red visible box? (Blue box is not full invisible to see the impact ingame)

Or did you mean adding another actor at the positions of my red box? That would be much work to double do the box spawning and also I have to remember it every time. This can’t be the solution.

The no collision was just for a debugging perspective.

What you can do is return the collision back to its original state and create an box collision bigger then the original cube, turn off collision for the collision box (and not the one you see) and you should get a “hitbox” bigger then what your nav path is cutting off around the box.

I’m just not sure to which point the AI is trying to move if its the middle of the blueprint, or the edge.

The problem is, when collision is on it does not change. It still does not work sometimes. The navmesh is cut out anyway, so I can’t see what it should do. I think it tries to move to the middle of the blueprint. What you described is what I done in the picture above. But as you can see, the navmesh is the same as in the beginning, therefore nothing changed except a big box without collision around my box, which I cannot directly move to as my AI moves to the whole actor, not a single static mesh in the actor (not sure if its even possible to do that)