AI not using the PathFollowComponent I created for it


I tried following [this][1] tutorial, where I want my AI to jump.
I’ve written everything and it does compile.
I created a blueprint class out of the “AAIController” class so I can connect it to a Blackboard and a Behaviour Tree via blueprints (I followed [this][2] guide, modified it a bit though).
The AI will move around if I set its AI Controller Class to the one I created, however, it doesn’t do what it is supposed to.

It seems like the AIController isn’t using the new PathFollowComponent which I created in the first tutorial I linked. I added breakpoints in it and nothing happens.

Is there something specific I need to do in the editor as well to make it use the PathFollowComponent I created?

This is how it is pointed to:

I changed PathFollowComponent to PathFollowingComponent and then it used it :slight_smile:

Still not jumping though… to be continued