AI not moving when i changed movement to Z axis

Well, the AI was moving correctly when it was on the floor, but i changed some ideas of my project, and now the AI must move on the X and Z axis, but it’s not even moving anymore. I’ve alredy changed the Planar Movement, and the Default Movement Mode, but its not working. Any help wll be great.

May I ask why the AI is moving on the Z axis?

I think the AI needs a Navmesh that is calculated on the x-z axis to be able to move :slight_smile:

So a fix would be wright your own Navmesh, or… and this would be far simpler, make your own movement for your AI so it can go up,down, left and right. Unfortunately you wont be able to pathfind with the AI then…

have you tried setting your AI movement mode to flying when it is gonna move on Z?

I realized the AI had to be placed on the plane “floor” to fly, Like an airplane taking off. But the AI is an Spaceship, and my game is based on Space Impact, so the enemy spaceship need to be spawned on the “sky” already, but it can only start flying if it’s on the ground.