AI not moving outside its invoked NAV mesh radius.

Hello am having some trouble with AI setup.
I have 1 Nav Mesh Bound Volume in my level.
The Nav Mesh is only being generated around my AI (Navigation Invokers) and updated runtime.

Everything works fine when the location it is supposed to move to is within the radius of its current generated Nav Mesh.
But if the location is outside the radius - (3000) the AI will not move and “AI Move To” returns “Aborted”.

How do I get the AI to move to a location that is outside the current radius of the generated Nav Mesh?
What I expect to happen is that it starts moving towards the location and “nav tiles” are generated until it reaches its destination.

Thank you for any help on the matter.


Anyone have any idea on how to do this.

Have Navigation Mesh only generate under AI and move to a location outside its current generated nav mesh radius.

I realy aprichiate some help on this one.

Stile stuck on this problem.
Some more info can be found if anyone have the time to take a look.