Ai Not moving after loading a new level

Hi all I’m currently running 4.21.1 And I’ve built a simple arena style project for the meantime, I had everything up and running in which I would press play and the enemies would move to around 1000 away from the player and start shooting projectiles at them.

I added a new level, effectively a start screen and when you press play it loads the actual arena level. This wasn’t an issue i found until after i swapped back, after swapping back to the arena level for a little bit of polishing I found that the AI was no longer moving, instead standing still until the player came into range for attacking. selecting the navmesh and hitting P doesn’t visualize the navmesh either, replacing the navmesh doesn’t work, although it did once and hasn’t since.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this issue or has had this issue themselves? Any help would be very much appreciated!