AI not hearing noise

Hello, guys.
I have added to the AI “Pawn sensing” component,
and now AI is seeing me,
but not hearing when I make a noise.
Can you help me, please.

Is your character in the range of the pawnsense for noise?
Also… do a print string after pressing F. Does that event fire?

Yes, the player is in range. And noise is sounds, but AI not hearing it.

Do you have a Noise Emitter on your Character? Doesn’t seem like it. You should add one then make this component emit the noise.

Yes I have.

And I tried 3 types of make noise function, but none of them AI not hear.

i have checking it on a new AI character, and its also didnt work. Only “see” function work, but not “hearing”.

Try: Making a noise with the “Pawn Noise Emitter” & set its loudness to 1

& set the “Auto Activation” on the “Pawn Noise Emitter” to True

If those don’t work then migrate the player and the AI so we can look at it our selves

yeeeeh, man.
Thank you, it works now.
It seems that the troubble was in connecting “noise maker” to “self”, not to pawn.
Thank you very much.

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I have to admit that I did not even think of that. Glad to be of assistance.

You mind showing your setup? I can’t get it to work either.

I just got mine to work but ill be damned if it was easy to add to a behavior tree with see, hear, damage and patrol…turning things off is the main problem, and if you followed zoombapup’s tutorial he unfortunately skipped that because he couldn’t figure it out either. I made it work today after a 16 hour session…and 7 times out of 10 they will react to this noise and the other 3 they kinda wig out a bit and then continue patrolling and don’t go check out the noise…very difficult.

the big problem is to get them to immediately drop theiur present patrol route when they hear see or take damage when not seeing you first…holy ****!

but big yay…but i am probably doing everything the wrong way…technically we shouldn’t be using pawn sensing anymore. I’m having to go through 14 characters and make them do what this one is able to do today :frowning: it’s going to be hell

Using PawnNoiseEmitter to create a noise worked for me, whereas makenoise from AiPerception did not work for me. Don’t know why that is :S

After 8 years, you saved me dude. Thanks a lot!