AI not facing direction they are walking using MoveTo

Is the model in the blueprint facing the same direction as the arrow component?

I don’t know how this started happening because everything was working fine before, but now my AI, when walking towards anything using the MoveTo task, don’t face the direction they’re walking. Here is a video which shows the problem:

As you can see, they are not rotating towards the direction they’re walking, something the MoveTo task did automatically. I have tried deleting the NavMesh and adding a new one but that didn’t work either. Also the filter class was empty, I had just turned it on to see if it was the problem.


Okay I managed to fix it, although I’m not sure why this is necessary to do considering it was working fine before. So basically inside of my character blueprint, I checked the “Orient Rotation” inside of the CharacterMovement Component. Now the character’s rotation is oriented towards where he is walking (or accelerating):

I hope this helps anyone else who has this problem.