AI not able to navigate when too many instances

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I have “Spawner” actors that spawn AI characters. When they reach a certain amount (about 21 or so), the ones that spawn anew can’t seem to navigate. In the Behavior Tree, the MoveTo task seems to always fail although the points seem to be reachable. Others that spawn after the first one that cannot navigate fail to move either.

When I remove most of the characters, the ones that are stuck stay stuck, but any ones that spawn afterwards seem to work just fine.

When I check the Navigation data returned from the task it just says Blocked (although there is nothing in it’s way). Even when I move the actor in the outliner, it doesn’t start moving.

The controllers are Detour controllers.

I really can’t seem to get this to work.

Cheers and thanks!

Detour was the key! For anyone else who didn’t know (like me), there’s a “Max Agents” limit for Detour AI controllers. Apparently once that limit is reached, any controller spawned after that cannot navigate. And apparently, it will never be able to even if the number of Detour AI drops back below the limit (although newly spawned ones work obviously).

So I’ll redo this question: How do you guys work with having a lot of AI that might be in each others ways? I mean all my AI is detour right now, but what’s a good maximum or how should I reduce the number of Detour AI without dumbing them down massively.

Alternatively, how could I make my AI avoid each other without Detour?


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As I edited into my question, the Max Agents limit in the project settings was the problem.

I’ll close this since it didn’t get any answers on my followup question.


thanks for posting your answer. Helped me.

how I can modify the max agents limit?

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This information is found in another page:

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Resolved. Thank you

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