AI MoveTo is not working

Edit2: Acceptance radius is how far the AI will stop from the goal. Hooked on phonics definitely worked for me.

Currently running UE 4.19.1 and it seems that the AI MoveTo node is not working and does not move the character even though it reports success.

Screenshot below of the AI character BP.

This is a bit off topic but the issue with your particular script is that your random point is wihin the acceptance radius so every point you get is within the accetable distance to the character. Try removing the variable from the acceptance radius and setting the acceptance radius to sometthing like 50. Have your roam radius set to something like 1000

Also doing this script on tick is a bad idea you want to have more control of how often it fires. Also using other methods will make the script more performant. For instance use a custom event then when the character gets to the target location call the event again

This the same reply as to your your comment at the following last nk

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That actually did the trick! However, I would still submit that this is a bug, though of a different sort. I unlinked the variable and set the radius to what the variable was, and it works perfectly now.

Its not a bug, it just wasnt scripted well. You were basically saying get a point within 500 units, ok am i wihing 500 units yup ok i succeeded job done. Basically your character had no need to move