AI MoveTo AcceptanceRadius - Not working for Target Actor?


I’m a bit confused by the acceptance radius of the AI MoveTo blueprint, it doesn’t seem to work for Target Actor.

For example:

MoveTo target here is the vector location of the bananas. The acceptance radius is 100 and I trace the radius just to show the Stop on Overlap:

If I remove the target vector and put the actor instead, he completely ignores the Acceptance Radius:

My problem is for items that are outside the nav mesh but I still want to reach. If I put the vector coordinates outside the navmesh and use that for the AI MoveTo, the AI doesn’t move and fails to reach the location before even trying. If I put the actor as target for AI MoveTo, he will try to walk up until the nav mesh bound but keep trying (even though he’s in the acceptance radius) and AI MoveTo will fail to reach, again even though he’s in the radius.

Did you ever solve this problem? I am experiencing the same thing.

Solution would likely be to add a collision box to your actor (banana). Then the range will work. Also, you should make it a root.


Another thing I have found is that the target actor needs to be somewhat close to either the navmesh or ‘reachable’ (collision) by Moving AI pawn - else your MoveTo will be failing.