AI Moves through actors

Hello everyone. I am designing an Enemy AI, however whenever it is told to move it always passes through other actors which is problematic for obvious reasons. How do I stop this?

Hey @JadedTester7461,

How have you set up collision on your actors? They should not be able to phase through each other, however they may not see each other as pathing obstacles. Consider using an Avoidance AI system, the Detour crowd manager documented here may be of some use. This is a great way to handle movement with multiple actors on scene to ensure they don’t try to path through each other.

I hope this information helps!

I set all the collisions to Block all for both the enemies and the floor. I tried the crowd manager, however that causes the enemy not to move at all.

The collision should not be dependent on AI or not AI basically. Does the effect also happen, if you use the Actor as a first/third person player character?
Most likely, your character is a skeletal mesh with animations, if used as enemies?
In this case, do you have a physics asset set up? See docs on collision with skeletal mesh actors.

Hello I fixed the issue by changing the pawn movement component to a character one and it fixed the issues. My guess is that the problem was caused by some setting or technicality in pawn movement that I didn’t think about.

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