AI mocap + AI lip sync in UE5

Hello everyone! :smiley:
This time I’m here to post a behind the scenes of my latest personal project (Eminem singing Lose Yourself) where I integrated AI motion capture from Plask AI, and AI lip sync from NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face inside UE 5 Preview 1 with Lumen.

PS: This is all raw data (there are some weird flickering). But the objective here was testing all these functionalities.


Final clip:

Project here on my ArtStation

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Hey @andersonrohr,

Nice to you again!

As always your work impresses. Guess you really lose yourself in your projects. :sunglasses:

Amazing job and can’t wait for your next post!

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Hahah, that’s true! I get impressed about UE everytime I start and finish a project.
I’m very glad you liked my work, thank you!! :smiley: