AI Hearing?

So i’m making a game where an AI walks around and runs after the player if it see’s him, but i wanted to add something where the AI follows any sound that’s made near him, but i don’t know how to make it, Please Help!

Can you give more detail?

In the AIPerception component is a hearing sense (or rather you can add it). Use that to detect sounds and move the AI to the location. Trigger sounds for AI with the Make Noise node.

Add AIPerception component to your AI if it doesn’t have one already and add Hearing Sense.

Then On Target Perception Updated you can retrieve info about the sensed actor. Use Make Noise node to make AI “hear”

AI follows any sound that’s made near him

AI doesn’t hear regular sounds like footsteps therefore the Make Noise node exists. Whenever something makes noise that you want the AI to “hear” you call the Make Noise node.

Ok, but what do i exactly do with the make noise node, exactly.

Thank You!