AI EQS not detecting destructible mesh


I have created a AI system and it makes use of EQS to find the player and hide from them. This all works fine but I am having a problem when I want the AI to hide behind a destructible mesh. It seems that the EQS system does not detect destructible meshes with the line traces it does to the grid points. Now I can get this to work if I add my own collision box around the destructible mesh that blocks traces, but I don’t want this as it will not work game play wise. I’ll have to remove the collision once the object has been fractured otherwise the AI will hide behind a fractured object.

I just want to know if there is a way of making the EQS detect a destructible mesh so that my AI can hide behind it. As well as once its fractured will it detect each fractured piece, so the AI can hide behind a half fractured wall for example?

Thank you in advance for any help and replies you have on this post.

EQS is using regular traces, so you need to make sure whatever you want to trace against is blocking the channels EQS is using.



sorrу for some necroposting, but i’m stucked with same issue.
my destructibles are blocking visibility channel, but EQS visibility traces are ignoring them completely. All other actors are fine with just the same collision settings, so I can’t find what am i doing wrong.