AI Driven Vehicles: Trottle & Brakes

Hello world,

I’ve been experimenting with AI Driven Vehicles (without nav mesh) and have a query that i could really use some help with.

Is anyone aware how to handle acceleration and deceleration during curves/bends/turns?

Basically, the vehicle moves at a constant throttle when the road is straight but would need to decelerate around curves/turns to avoid losing control and drifting off road.
Its able to detect a curve coming up but im not able to figure out the math/logic to be used to decelerate the vehicle and make perfect turns and then accelerate the vehicle once again on straight roads.

Any suggestions/solutions would be awesome. :slight_smile:

Bump… :slight_smile:

Nevermind. I learnt that there is no simple solution to implement my request. It involves mechanical setup and depending on autonomous capabilities the logic is just as complex.