AI - Doors / Navmesh


I’m working on an AI and have some problems with Doors. The door opens if the Bot is near but he won’t walk trough the door. There is always a break in the Navmesh caused by the blueprint door. If I remove the door everything works great and the bot is walking trough the door.

For testing I also tried an additional AI move to the door center after it’s open, but he won’t walk to this spot without a Navmesh. So how do I get a working Navmesh for a door?

Thank you!

Take a look at "Nav Link Proxy"s.

Those show the AI that they can do something from there :wink:

The threshold is too narrow for the NPC. Navmesh is created so that it cuts as much as the radius of your base character. There is an alternative though, you can uncheck block navigation for the door if they’ll always open when AI is near.

It’s not to narrow, but unchecking block Navigation solved the problem. thank you! The Nav Link Proxy wasn’t working - with this the bot got stuck in the middle of the Link and was fliping the look direction the entire time.

Can I ask how to make a door open automatically when an NPC is near?

Can I ask what’s the best way to make a door open automatically when an NPC is near?

the easierst way is to just have a trigger volume whiche triggeres the door logic once a AI overlaps it.

I use a CPP made door BP and a trigger volume connected to it in game.