Ai controllers can't refernce one another

I have two character classes, each has it’s own AI controller and Behavior Tree. That tree does share the same Black Board. I’m trying to pass the location of one of the controller pawns to the other character class/ Ai Controller. Both of these classes are spawned at run time. So I can’t reference the object of their BP’s in the details panel. How do I reference it without that? Currently I’m trying to setup a Blueprint interface, but the Interface messages version of that function call will not fire. You have to reference the Target BP, but I don’t think my referenced variable is working because none of my test prints along the way are indicating otherwise.

The answer that worked for me was to create a Blue print interface that both classes implement. In that BP interface function I set the variables I want to share from the input I created for the BP interface. The trick for me was that I was actually spawning multiple of class A (character class), so for my target of that BP interface function I needed to hand it the array of that class A. For now I just used “get all actors of class” because I actually need all of those actors. I imagine later this may need to be more specific.