AI Character stay out of sight of the player

Hey guys,

I am working on a little game where a killer chases the player.
I did the scripting at the beginning with blueprints only but I want to change to BT and EQS to add more actions easily and have a better process.

Before I start to explain my question I am looking for a solution with EQS only, no tracing with the character blueprint since I already know about this and used it in the prior work and I want to get a distance to the heavy blueprint scripting and using the implemented features as best as possible.

here a visualization of what I want to realize:


The Player(black circle) looks and moves straight, the AI Character (red circle) doesn’t want to be seen so he walks to the yellow circle around the player (the length of way doesn’t matter as long the player stays in sight) to don’t be caught. The Player will continue moving forward without looking around and the AI Character approach to the green circle (it is the best waypoint since it is close to the player and out of its sight) still staying out of the sight ( an example of movement is the blue line). Once the AI Character is behind the Player the AI Character will approach to a certain radius and stops when the player stops.

This is what I already have:

The AI Character searches for waypoints near to the player (in EQS done with Distance to PawnConext and Distance to Querier) if he sees the player (Trace function in EQS)

Thanks in advance