AI character not replicating correctly

I have several AI characters running around a map. They look fine on the server, but when a client joins the AI characters are not centered in the capsule component. It depends on when the client joins too. If they join about 10 seconds the mesh is way off.

The mesh still moves with the capsule but is always offset. My theory is that when the client joins, the capsule and movement component are replicating but the mesh is for some reason starting where it was placed on the map.

This is driving me bananas. I looked at the navmesh content example and their AI replicated just fine. This is stalling production of my game in a major way. I am hoping somebody out there can help me

Just to be sure, I created a new project based on the third person project. All I did was make a character, assigned it to an AI Controller that I built. The controller enables a behavior tree on possess. The BT simply searches for a random location in range, runs to it, waits, repeat. I am have the very same issue on this project. The mesh is not centered in the capsule

Disregard. This was a bug in 4.16 it seems. I migrated to 4.18 and the issue is gone.